MSC is committed to the best interests of the players and high quality soccer in an atmosphere that stresses teamwork, sportsmanship, and skilled soccer play that will help players gain a life-long love and appreciation for soccer.

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  1. A grievance may be lodged by any person for any violation of the Moorestown Soccer Club’s bylaws and policies.
  2. No grievance will be accepted from any person who: (i) fails to observe the Club’s mandatory 24 hour cooling off period prior to speaking to the Vice President about a grievance, (ii) is acting in violation of the Moorestown Soccer Club’s Code of Conduct, (iii) has engaged in any threatening, abusive or harassing conduct, including verbal abuse, (v) fails to file the written grievance within two weeks of the incident in question.
  3. No grievance will be accepted that seeks to challenge coaching decisions except in the areas of player safety.
  4. A valid grievance must be in writing, explain the nature of the grievance, the circumstances and indicate the specific provision of the bylaws and policies that was violated using the Moorestown Soccer Club’s Grievance Form (attached).
  5. For a grievance to be creditable, details of the grievance are not to be discussed with anyone other than the party(ies) directly involved with resolving the grievance.
  6. A valid grievance must be signed and submitted to the Vice President
  7. The Vice President will attempt to resolve the grievance with the parties amicably and in the best interests of the Club.
  8. If the matter is not resolved, the Vice President may, in their sole discretion, refer the matter to the Executive Board. If the matter is referred to the Executive Board the Vice President shall present their recommendation for resolving the matter to the Executive Board.
  9. The Executive Board may accept the recommendation of the Vice President or may decide that it is in the best interests of the Club to resolve the matter in any manner approved by a majority of the members of the Executive Board.
  10. Decisions of the Executive Board are final and will be communicated in writing to the grieving party(ies).
Mandatory 24 hour cooling off period: A grievance may be presented to the MSC only after 24 hours have expired after the incident in question. The objective of this cooling off period is to deter any person from acting in haste and enables the person or persons filing the grievance the opportunity to rethink and review the circumstances and details of the grievance before final submission to the MSC.